Apple’s New Product May With a Simple Name ‘iPhone SE’

Either way, it seems that all the rumors pointed out the next new iPhone must be 4-inch, and people gladly call it ‘iPhone 5se’, a special edition of iPhone 5.

However, the rumors always hearsay, never replace the fact, today 9to5Mac reported that a change has occurred behind-the-scenes, and Apple is going to drop the “5” from the title of the phone, and just double-down on the special edition, going with “iPhone SE” instead.

We all know that the screen size of smartphone back to the most suitable 4-inch is due to market demand, not everyone likes the big screen. The iPhone SE will replace the existing iPhone 5s and will take its price points.

In addition to the name, in appearance and specifications, the Phone WE will look identical to the iPhone 5s except for slightly curved edges around the sides. It will feature an A9 processor for faster performance, an M9 chip for fitness tracking and always-on “Hey Siri “support, the ability to take Live Photos, an upgraded 8-megapixel camera system, an NFC chip for Apple Pay, and Apple’s latest WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular hardware. Sources say it will come in 16GB and 64GB capacities and add the Rose Gold color option from the iPhone 6s.

According to the latest sources that Apple’s March event has been pushed back to March 22, and if it sticks to that plan, release the new iPhone SE as soon as March 25th. Apple is also preparing a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, not an iPad Air 3, with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil support. Additionally, several new Apple Watch bands will also be unveiled.

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