Apple to Use OLED Displays on iPhone 9

It is well known that the OLED screen is better than LCD display technology, it is originally considered an alternative to LCD technology due to the manufacturing cost is difficult to decline, this led OLED become a non – mainstream technology, LCD is still the mainstream display products. But in the past year, OLED screen gradually being adopted, more and more companies start using OLED screens.

Recently, Japan’s Nikkei news reported that Apple has decided to use OLED displays in 2018, currently South Korea’s LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics has begun preparations for supply the OLED screen. In fact, Apple has already begun preparations for OLED display production plans in the iPhone 6 released, present almost all of the iPhone screens are made by Samsung, and using LCD displays.

And Apple officials also responded that they decided to use the OLED display in 2018’s iPhone (may be iPhone 9) This means that we have to wait for three years to buy the iPhone with OLED screen.


On the current situation, Apple has entered into a collaboration with Samsung and LG Display. Samsung is the first company uses OLED technology, they would have started using OLED in 2010. The current AMOLED technology belongs a branch of OLED. Recently LG Display has invested $4.2 billion in Paju, South Korea to establish a OLED display production plant, in addition LG Display also plans to invest approximately $927 million in South Korea Gumi to add a small production line.

Nikkei also said that even if Apple will use OLED screen in 3 years later, but the company still will not give up LCD screen. Although the plasticity of OLED stronger compared to LCD, better color contrast and lower power consumption, but its production process is more complex, so the yield of OLED screen has always been low. Moreover the LCD screen still has huge profits.

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