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Top 20 Free Apps for iPhone and iPad Updated Daily

Are you looking for those free apps and games for iPhone and iPad? You obviously can not get those paid app for free from the App Store, unless you jailbroken the iPhona and iPad, to install the cracked apps from unknown sources.

Then you have to pay $0.99 – $6.99 to buy these apps from the App Store to get a genuine license, obviously you can avoid to spend this money wasted on before you do not know whether they are right for you before. Typically, some popular apps or new developed apps will offer an opportunity to iOS users lets them download the apps for free without paying any fees, but there is a time limit, usually 24 hours.

The below paid apps are in the free period, if you encounter your favorite, please download it as soon as possible before the price correction. Apple Lives will update the list of paid apps gone free daily, stay tuned for more!

Mar. 20

Business Card Creator PRO
Developer: David iSoft
Price: $2.99+

Music Converter Pro - Batch Audio Convert
Price: Free

Office Story
Developer: YAKOV ILIN
Price: $3.99+

Sago Mini Monsters
Developer: Sago Sago
Price: $2.99

Developer: Believe Games
Price: Free

Kinetic Damage
Price: Free

Table Tennis Touch
Developer: Yakuto
Price: $2.99+

Retro City Rampage DX

Price: Free+

Sputnik Eyes
Developer: Shelly Alon
Price: $1.99

Train Conductor 2: USA
Developer: The Voxel Agents
Price: $2.99

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睡吧 - 你的睡前睡眠陪伴

Barista Blitz
Developer: Ayopa Games LLC
Price: Free+

Developer: RushLab
Price: $3.99

ABC Gurus
Developer: Colto
Price: $1.99

Developer: Robots and Pencils Inc.
Price: Free