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How to Access Contacts and Photos Using Siri Without Passcode Unlocking

Apple's powerful voice assistant Siri has become a major highlight of iOS devices, but Siri always exists some flaws or loopholes threaten the security...

iPhone 6s Passcode Can be Bypassed Using Siri?

Recently, FBI has been asked Apple to unlock the criminals iPhone, so whether there is an easy way to bypass the iPhone 6s lockscreen...

Doulci 2016 Can Bypass iOS 9.3 iCloud Activation Lock?

Bypass or remove iCloud Activation Lock always is a difficult problem for those who accidentally lock their devices. In this regard Apple not given...

Download Doulci Activator for iOS 9.1 to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

We all know that Apple's iCloud Activation Lock is a stringent security measure for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, almost no effective way to...
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