How to Speed Up iPhone by Disable the System Animations, No Jailbreak Required

You must be very familiar with those great transition animations in iOS, there great visual effects achieved through a series of special effects codes, but one thing you may not know yet is that you can disable these animations to further improve the response speed of iPhone . Moreover, this trick not requires a jailbreak support.

The below are the steps you need to follow to disable the iOS animations on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

  1. Open the Settings app, tap General, then Accessibility
  2. Tap AssistiveTouch, then tap the toggle to enable this feature
  3. Return to your home screen and drag the white AssistiveTouch button to the bottom right corner
  4. Swipe down on your screen to get into Spotlight
  5. Swipe back up to dismiss it again
  6. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for around 20 times

User cn98 also explained on Reddit:

“For those that have still not gotten it to work… Start off with the assistive touch button in the right hand lower corner of the screen. Every time you slide down in spotlight search make sure you wait for the assistive touch button to move on top of the keyboard and continuously repeat steps 3 and 4,”.

Note: Restarting your device will restore the animations again.

That is, now your iPhone and iPad no no system animations, you’ll feel iOS unparalleled fast when you try opening and closing apps and using the app switcher.

Check the demo video above to preview how to get this.

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