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Pwn2own 2016, Safari be Exploited by Chinese Hacker in 5 Seconds

Chinese hackers in Pwn2own 2016

If you usually focus on some crack-related news, you must have felt familiar “Pwn2Own”. This is the world’s most famous, most popular, but also the most generous bonus hacking contest, every year it attracts hackers from around the world to actively participate. This year, Pwn2Own kicked off in Vancouver, Canada, started March 16, hackers already begun to break various types of technology products.

On the first day of the browser-hacking event, $282,500 in prize money was awarded. Researchers exploited vulnerabilities in Chrome, Flash and Safari.

Independent security researcher JungHoon Lee earned $60,000 on the first day of Pwn2own 2016 by exploiting Apple’s Safari browser.

Surprisingly, Lee only took five seconds to exploit Safari.¬†Generally, in the Pwn2Own contestants will have 30 minutes to use the remote code execution to break browsers, success will get a certain amount of money as a reward. In last year’s Pwn2Own stage, a hacker from Korea earned $50,000 bonus after break Safari.

Lee found four vulnerabilities in total, including issues in Safari as well as Apple’s OS X desktop operating system.¬†“One of the vulnerabilities was in Safari, the other three were vulnerabilities within Mac OS X,” Budd said.

In addition to the browsers, PC products are also the goal of hackers. Such as last year’s Pwn2Own conference, the well-known security expert Charlie Miller exploited MacBook in less than 10 seconds, and won the $15,000.

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