Fingal Tweak Brings Animation Effect to App Icons in iOS

Currently only one application icon is dynamic in iOS, that is the stock Clock app, Apple did not add more animation effects in other aspect. Now a new jailbreak called “Fingal” released in Cydia Store, which developed by Charlie Hewitt, it is a winterboard like tweak that allows theming of icons with animated gifs. The tweak allows users to select animated theme and apply them to icons. It uses the famous GIF file to achieve the animation, and can quite impressive.

Fingal is availalbe at Cydia Modmyi Repo for free, once you installed it on your jailbroken device and respring it, the app icons should now be animated. For settings, there isn’t much. Where you simply move different Fingal themes in a stackable order you can easily set numerous animated icons onto your springboard. You can enable and disable themes, and rearrange priority. There is also a respring button.

The “Basic Example Theme” only has 4 icons, which is a bit of a shame, but since it’s super easy to make new themes, you can expect Cydia to be filled with theme packs and if your up for it, you can make your own.

A few example icons come with the tweak and a package in cydia called ShakeIt (and ShakeIt Plus) by Author AhmadNagy adds 19 more animated icons that you can enable with Fingal. Naming structure for new themes is very similar to that of winterboard which means current theme creators should be able to easily add Fingal animated icon packs as add ons to their themes.

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