EarthView Walls Randomly Set Google Earth Image as iPhone Background

EarthView Walls is a new cydia tweak that is committed to bringing the permanent fresh wallpapers for iPhone. As the tweak name implies, it will grab a random wallpaper from Google Earth and set it as the Home screen or Lock screen background on your iPhone. Not only that fit with the Activator, you can switch to any image as the wallpaper whenever you want.


EarthView Walls tweak is now available as a free package on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Once you install it on your jailbroken device, you can get started by heading to the tweak’s preferences pane in Settings, where you can choose the Activator action you wish to use, as well as choose whether just the Home screen, just the Lock screen, or both get changed to the new wallpaper you’re switching to:


Once you’re done configuring, you invoke that Activator action you set, the tweak will take a moment to find you a new wallpaper to use as a background.

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