How to Block, Skip and Remove Video Ads in Twitch App

Twitch is a must have platform for those game players who like to watch the live streaming video, the platform also launched the app for iOS and Android, but Twitch app exist some limitations and unreasonable designs, which always make users annoyed.

If your iPhone been jailbroken on iOS 9.x, then a new jailbreak tweak called “Twitch++” has the ability to break these limitations of the Twitch app, as well as brings a range of new features.

Such as with this tweak, all twitch video ads can be blocked instantly, you can also Landscape Chat View the chat window while in landscape mode, and pause live streams anytime.
Best of all that you can now play multiple Twitch streams at once.

Twitch++ now available at UnlimApps repo for free download, this source offers multiple enhancement tweaks for those mainstream social applications, such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Youtube, Instagram, etc..

How to add a new source in Cydia


Once you’ve got the developer’s source link, enter the Cydia app and navigate to Sources -> Edit -> Add. When prompted to, enter the source link and tap Add Source.

Once done, you can launch the Twitch app and start enjoying the new features that the tweak provides. It also provides a settings pane which can be accessed from within the Twitch app. Open the sidebar and tap on the settings gear icon located in the top left corner. This opens the tweak’s preferences pane where you can enable or disable the features that it provides.

Again, if you are trying to block, skip and even remove those annoying video ads when using Twitch app, then this tweak is one of the easiest choice for your jailbroken device. Make sure to let us know what you think about it in the comments section.

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