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Anchor Pointer Quickly Find My Car Where I Parked

You often forget where the car you parked after a long vacation or a tiring day at work?

Anchor Pointer is a great app for finding your car quickly in parking lots and garages. This parking app help you remember exactly where you left your car. Anchor Pointer will save the Car locations via GPS. The way it works is simple: when you find a location you want to save you, tap “Add Anchor” to save the location You can add an icon and a name to represent the location If you’re just looking to save the.. location of your car in a parking lot, that functionality is listed on the main app screen as “Park Car.”

Once you select a location, Anchor Pointer provides a compass that directs you back to where you once where. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used a compass before — simply follow the arrow and you’ll find your way back.

Anchor Pointer currently available at the App Store for Free in limited time, its original price of $1.99. And it is now support Apple Watch.


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Anchor Pointer

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