What Siri Running on the Mac Would Look Like

Recently Sources pointed out Apple will launch Mac version of Siri in OS X 10.12, after iOS products, Apple Watch and Apple TV, Siri finally landing the Mac platform.

Apple is expected to release OS X 10.12 on the Worldwide Developers Conference held in June 2016, but in the meantime we may be able to satisfy desires through a concept video to see what Siri on the Mac would look like.

The GIF below was done by designer Salomon Aurélien, who put together this Siri for Mac animation as part of a concept video of what he wanted to see in OS X El Capitan:


As can be seen from the video, users simply click on the Siri app icon on the Dock, to activate the full-screen interface of Siri, then state your command lets Mac works for you, very simple and intuitive.

But the designer’s ideas seem different from Apple, today’s sources that the Integrated mode of Siri on Mac is not the same as a full-screen view on iPhone or iPad Pro. Apple Siri will be place Siri in the upper right corner of the menu bar on Mac. Currently Siri for Mac is still being tested, so there are many possibilities before WWDC 2016 held this summer.

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