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    1. Stuck on “Verifying” – just let it sit, be sure the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is connected to reliable wi-fi and ideally connected to a power source, this usually sorts itself out but can take a while
    iPhone stuck verifying update

    2. Some iPad Pro users are reporting an “Error 56” connect to iTunes message when attemping to update to iOS 9.3.2 – if you see this message, you can either try to restore from iTunes (get the latest version 12.4), put the iPad into DFU mode and then restore from a backup, or try using iOS 9.3.1 IPSW if all else fails

    3. iPhone is hot and runs slow after installing iOS 9.3.2 – this is fairly common after any iOS update has been installed, simply let the device sit and finish cleanup and maintenance routine, the issue should sort itself out in about an hour

    4. Wi-Fi is slow or unreliable with iOS 9.3.2 – try resetting network settings (Settings > General > Reset), and use custom DNS if applicable
    Icons disappearing in App Store – force quit the App Store and relaunch to resolve this issue

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